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Cash Peters is an award-winning British author and broadcaster based in Los Angeles. His is a powerful voice in the world of spiritual growth and understanding. He contributes regularly to Spirituality & Health magazine, but has worked for many years as a journalist on BBC radio and American public radio. He is also one of the most formidable naturally gifted handwriting analysts in the world and the author of three books on the subject.

To inquire about his rates for public speaking, or if you have an upcoming event and wish him to attend and do handwriting analysis, please email him at: cashpeters@yahoo.com.

Cash speaks engagingly, passionately, and with great warmth and humor about:

1: Faith healing and the power of the mind to create miracles.

His book about health and healing - A Little Book About Believing: the Transformative Healing Power of Love, Faith, and Surrender - is about renowned Brazilian healing John of God, and is the basis for talks Cash gives to students at the University of Southern California about the healing power of the human body to overcome naturally many of our most threatening diseases.

2: Intuitive handwriting analysis - messages from body and soul.

He has given many talks and thousands of readings over the years about the deep personal revelations to be found in handwriting and how they can be used to help shed blockages that are holding us back and find our way back to our soul's path. Countless people have benefited from his kind and wise interpretation of their handwriting.